Monday, August 8, 2016

GlobeIn August 2016 "Pamper" Review and Coupon

GlobeIn is a subscription service that sends ethically sourced goods from around the world. They work directly with artists or vetted partners that ensure a living wage is earned by workers. This subscription allows you to experience the world and it's artisans without leaving home.

The themes of each box make it even more fun. This box themed "Pamper" and is the contents are a treat to your skin and wardrobe.
This review is for the Artisan Box but there is also a smaller version-- The Benefit Basket. The Benefit basket comes in a handwoven basket (made in Mexico) and one handmade, curated item. This review is for the Artisan box.

The Cost: $40/month for the Artisan Box, $19.99/month for the Benefit Basket

What You Get: In the Artisan Box, you'll find exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans curated around a monthly theme. The Benefit Basket will have one handmade, globally sourced item along with the GlobeIn signature woven basket.

Handwoven Palm Leaf Basket- Made in Mexico, you'll receive one of these with each month's shipment. These are made in Oaxacan by women backstrap loom weavers. This style of weaving has been passed down for generations. It's very sturdy and can be used to hold just about anything. I suggest using them as gift boxes because you can collect quite a stash over the course of your subscription. Share the wealth!

Cosmetic Argan Oil- Argan oil is packed with vitamin e and essential fatty acids. It's a nourishing oil for skin and hair and roasted versions are used for dipping bread. Don't dip your bread in this (well, you could, if you wanted to but it won't have the flavor since the nut wasn't roasted before having all the oil squeezed out of it).
The Argan Project in Morroco delivers the nuts to women's homes where they can work at their own pace. It may surprise you to learn that ALL argan nuts are cracked by hand because a viable mechanized way has not been found yet.
Use this as a facial moisturizer, for dry irritated skin anywhere on the body, callouses, chapped lips
Shibori Scarf- This scarf is dyed and created in Rajasthan, a very dry desert region in India. The technique is traditionally Japanese but with the help of fair trade partner, Matr Boomie, a small group of women using this technique have been connected with international markets. The stitching, binding and folding are used to create patterns unique to each scarf. It's made of lightweight cotton and should be hand washed. I love the shape and size of it and may use it as a headscarf or even a belt tie.

Jewelry Roll- This piece is made by Batik Boutique in Malaysia. Batik Boutique provides women with life skills and sewing training and gives them an opportunity to support their families.
The fabric of this roll is hand dyed with dye from the mangosteen fruit. It's very sturdy and I love how it feels.
In an interesting side note, GlobeIn was able to provide three months of work for fourteen women with their order for these rolls. That is AWESOME!

VERDICT: I am so impressed with the quality of the jewelry roll. It's gorgeous! I've received machine made jewelry rolls that pale in comparison. This is one I will happily use. I thought this box was so much fun! The scarf is perfect for the waning heat of summer and will transition nicely with my fall wardrobe. Argan oil is always a wonderful thing. I use it in my soaps at 5-10% or less and it is wonderfully moisturizing. It also extends the shelf life of your soap and has a nice rich lather in cold process soap. Not that you needed to know all that but you can do A LOT with pure argan oil. It's a wonderful thing to have more of. I highly suggest trying it if you haven't already. It's very lightweight.

If you would like to sign up for GlobeIn, you can do that here. Use code WELCOME to get $10 off a 3 month subscription of the Artisan Box. Sign up by the 15th to get this the "Picnic" box!

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine. Affiliate links were used in this post.


  1. Look at the lady's beautiful smile. She is SO happy to be a part of Globein.
    This has made my entire day happier! I love the scarf and have an interesting relationship with Jewelry Rolls.

    When we moved, I had EVERY piece of fine jewelry I owned in a Dior silk jewelry roll from many years ago.. We had both movers and unpackers.
    One of the unpackers thought the ( really pretty) silk jewelry roll was part of the things which belonged in one of our linen closets.

    I almost lost my MIND looking for it for literally months. Learned to put the jewel roll in my PURSE, but hope we never move again!

    1. I think I would lose my mind, too! I'll remember this for when/if we move. :)