Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Buddhibox Yoga Lifestyle Subscription Box Review and Coupon

BuddhiBox is dedicated to delivering a wide variety of products meant to enhance your yoga practice and lifestyle. Each BuddhiBox is carefully packed and will include healthy food, supplements, beauty products and yoga accessories to encourage and uplift you. You can indulge without worries because they're committed to sending ethically sourced, cruelty-free products and only work with organizations and business that follow ethical and eco-conscious practices.

There are now three different Box choices-- Yoga, Jewelry and BBEO. Prices start at $14.95 for BBEO which sends essential oils and crystals for meditation. The Jewelry box is $49.95 quarterly and sends 2-3 jewelry pieces and accessories. This review is for the Yoga box which sends full size products to inspire your yoga life.

The Cost: $39.95/month.

What You Get: Each month, delivered straight to your mailbox, you will receive a mix of 4-6 samples and full size products all dedicated to pure and mindful living.

Gogh Jewelry Design Buddha Charm Necklace- A electroplated silver necklace with a 1/2 inch electroplated silver Buddha charm, fresh water pearl and a red crystal charm. Each piece of yoga jewelry is designed with traditional methods of minding chakras and gemstone healing.
Value: $29
GyspySoul Organics Aromatherapy Potion in SisterWind- This spray is 100% organic and is made with spearmint, eucalyptus and basil. It smells AMAZING! I love minty fresh scents like this.
Value: $20

St. Tropica Coconut Hair Mask- Made with organic coconut oil, biotin, green tea and horsetail, this is a hot oil treatment. Massage it into dry hair, wait 20 minutes then shampoo twice. I'm not sure I really want to slather oil in my hair but I have heard that doing so right before you dye it helps your hair stay much healthier. Oil it up then put the dye on. I think I'd try it that way just to see if it works.
Value: $5
BONUS: 10 Minute Meditation with Sanna's House of Rieki- A deep relaxation meditation with binaural beats.

My Everyday Mantra Bookmark and Decal- Words of encouragement coupled with artwork by Veronica Levin. I don't really use bookmarks. I'm firmly in the dog ear camp (hey, it's a hard habit to break!) however the saying on this is too perfect for one of my friends so I'm giving it to her.
Value: $5
Auromere Ayurveda Incense in Kasturi- Handrolled incense sticks with a woody herbal scent. This is made with the fruit of the Manjal tree in India and is traditionally used as therapy for depression. I discovered via LituBox that my husband likes incense so we will have to try this version.
Value: $5

Buddhibox Mat Strap- A soft, durable mat strap with the Buddhibox logo and a reminder to "get your buddhi on the mat."
Value: $10
BONUS: Sweat Cosmetics Towelette- These oil free towelettes are designed to hydrate your skin with coconut water and vitamin E.

Every box also comes with an uplifting quote card, yoga pose card and recipes for vegan treats and snacks.

VERDICT: I think my favorite thing is the GypsySoul Aromatherapy. I just love that scent combo- so invigorating! I was a little disappointed to see that everything was just tossed into the box in a jumble. Nothing was damaged but I've always like the unveiling process of opening the tissue paper to find what's inside. I also noticed that the price has been increased. The value is still there retail price wise but the cost is now entering the range of "do I really want this box?" Of course, since I don't practice yoga, the contents would have more meaning for someone else. Give me your opinion! What do you think?

If you would like to sign up for Buddhibox, you can do that here. Use code YOGAEVERYDAY for 10% off your first box. Remember there are three different boxes to choose from! :)

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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