Sunday, October 9, 2016

Enjoy Leggings September 2016 Review and Coupon

If you haven't heard of Enjoy Leggings, you're in for a treat. I'm totally loving it. Every month you'll get a new pair of super soft, extra comfy leggings. They're usually patterned and colorful so it's not like you're getting boring woolly black ones. Nothing wrong with woolly black ones, of course, but those are easy to find.
When you sign up, you'll get to choose your size but the patterns are the same for everyone. Sizes start at 2-4 (Small) and go to 14-18 (Plus). Although, I think the last two I got were One Size so...

The Cost: $16/month.

What You Get: One fashionable and fun pair of quality leggings every month.

Let me just say that these might be the most comfortable leggings I've ever owned. I'm actually slightly addicted to them now. They're so cute I wear them out but they're so comfy I wear them staying in, too.

While this is not my favorite pattern of all time, they send a new one in different colors every month. You really can't go wrong.
I am somewhat careful when washing them. Only cold water and I don't put the in the dryer. Just in case. The fabric they're made out of dries really quickly. I definitely do not handwash them. I'm way too lazy for that. So far no issues, though. :D

If you would like to sign up for Enjoy Leggings, you can do that here. Use code BITSANDBOXES to get 25% off your first month.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. all opinions are mine.


  1. This subscription was a whole lot of fun for me. :)
    I got mostly size 2-10 ( OSFMany) black and white " tribal" prints... but learned how to go to oh, say, Amazon and pick out the non- shiny, non- spandex type of wearable Boho style leggings I love. Usually under $13. :)

    I'm so glad this sub. taught me about a new kind of casual fashion, wearing non-yoga style fashionable leggings, as an alternative to my life-long habit of throwing on a pair of jeans.
    I found this sub through you, and really loved my time with them.

    I've learned a lot about Boho from you, and it's so my style now. :)
    Thanks, Sarah!

    1. Oops, meant to say- I got these same leggings too. I like that the color with the black is cream on mine, not stark white.
      I really wanted more colorful leggings,but NOT "Winter or Christmas themed" as we don't have winter here and Christmas clothing is not something I wear at ALL.
      I am now doing great on my own. I can see how if a company has 2,000 women to put into OSFM leggings, you don't source, oh, say, my latest favorite pair I bought, which are cheetah print brown and beige with teal and turquoise chevrons overlaid on the cheetah print.. Lots of ladies would not find the explosion of color and patterns flattering.. but they really suit me extremely well.

      I can see how a subscription box has to play towards neutrals and small=ish patterns or the tribal leggings which seem to be almost universally loved.


    2. Funny you should mention that because I also have stocked up on leggings because of this subscription! No cheetah print yet, though! :D Now I need some long sweaters for winter to go with them.

    3. CYE when you have a second. :) I don't want to derail this lovely post about Enjoy Leggings, which I REALLY DID ENJOY! :)