Friday, November 18, 2016

Co-Op Crate November 2016 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

If you've never subscribed to a box like Co-Op Crate, you need to. This box reminded me one more time of why I love boxes like this. Boxes filled with local crafts and artisan goods mean I get a taste of a place I'll probably never go to and even if I did, I might not be there on the right day for a Farmer's Market. There are many boxes featuring local goods from specific states but Co-Op Crate finds some of the best products from coast to coast. No limit on geographic area. This means there are SO MANY things you can get in each one!
The theme this month is "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!" That means all sorts of breakfast goodies and related items. Co-Op Crate really does a fantastic job finding small niche businesses to include in their boxes. November is no exception. I'm really so pleased at how well this box is curated!

The Cost: $39.99/month plus shipping (to my state it's $10)

What You Get: A collection of 5-9 artisan, hand crafted products from small and independent businesses from around the country. Each month is a different collection of products, ranging from snacks and candles, home goods or spices and jewelry!

Wild Violetta Coffee Balm- I love the coffee aisle at the grocery store. Why? Because the smell of coffee is wonderful! Sometimes I wish I could stand there all day breathing it in. I can't, of course. That's weird. Based in California, Wild Violetta has a coffee balm that I can put on my lips and smell coffee as often as I want! It's a true coffee scent and it actually can be used anywhere. But I'm using it only on my lips. Or maybe under my nose.... :)
Value: $9.95
All AmeriCAN Canning Company- Oh.My.Gosh. To die for. Seriously. The Apple Pie Jam? I have to have more. I taste tested while taking photos and ran downstairs to make biscuits so that I could eat it properly. Aaaand then I ate it all. Oops. There are some AMAZING flavors on their website. It's the only way you can get some of this unless you live in Michigan and go to Farmer's Markets. Monkey Butter (bananas, coconut and pineapple!?) and Spiced Chai Pear are sitting in my basket. YUMMM!! If this box isn't sold out, you need to buy it just for the jam.
Value: $8 total
KiyiKiyi Cosmetics Chai Tea Bubble Bath Bar- I was a little sad to find out this wasn't a huge cookie but discovering it's for the bath and is made with cinnamon clove and honey makes it all better.
Value: $8

Copper and Kraft Maple Bacon Candle- This is a heavy candle! It's 4oz and has a 30 hour burntime. Copper and Kraft is one of my favorite small business candle shops. Their candles smell great, burn clean and are made with soy wax. This smells like maple with a hint of smoke. I'm kind of glad it doesn't smell like bacon, I have to admit. It does make my mouth water, though.
Value: $7
Samnieng Designs Hand Crocheted Coffee Cozy- Half of the time (okay, 3/4) I'm drinking coffee, I'm usually doing it with freezing cold hands, willing the warms to soak into my bones. This means I don't really use cozies or drink sleeves. However, this is super cute and I'm totally gifting it or stuffing it in a stocking. Plus, handmade! I feel like that's so much work...
Value: $4
Victorian House Scones Butter Brickle Scone Mix- I went through a scones phase a few years ago where I was hunting for the perfect scone recipe. I ended up with an irresistible Vanilla Lemon that I couldn't stop eating. I had to quit making them so I didn't gain ten pounds. This mix is for scones with Heath bar bits in them!! What?! That sounds way too good. I'm probably going to make them tonight since company is coming over. That saves me the problem of eating them all myself. Hah!
Funnily enough, this business was started by a woman who also went on the hunt for her perfect scone! I guess she found it!
Value: $9.95
Harvest and Soul Blueberry Pancake "Nobody Nose"- The note on the information card says that while the Harvest and Soul was featured last month, the owner heard about this month's theme and whipped up something too good to leave out. So... It smells exactly like blueberry pancakes. Exactly. I haven't used it yet but it says to spray into the toilet bowl on the water's surface and then do your thing. Apparently it traps any odor under the water?
Value: $10?

VERDICT: Head over heels! A great collection of items from small businesses and makers. The theme is perfect and the value is  good, especially considering specialty boxes like this tend to come out right at price plus shipping paid. It's like getting a bonus product! Also, every food product I've tried so far has been delicious. I'm guessing they were vetted by someone with similar tastes to my own. Haha!
So with the holidays coming up, if you know someone you think would love something like this, get it! You'll be the one giving the most unique gift! Because really, while us addicts know all about subscription boxes, there's far, far more people who haven't figured out how fun they can be.

If you would like to sign up for Co-Op Crate, you can do that here. Make sure to use code BITSANDBOXES10 for 10% off! I think you'll start with the December box but it looks like there may be a few Mini boxes (this review is for the Premium) left. Mini boxes are $19.99 and have 3-5 items in them. Or you can just shop the goodies in the shop (I recommend the Suss Caramels).

What do you think of Co-Op Crate? Any type of item you would like to see included?

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are unapologetically mine! affiliate links were used in this post.

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