Saturday, November 5, 2016

Craftly October 2016 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

Craftly sends full size, high quality items ranging from handcrafted goods from independent artists or snacks and tech products from smaller brands and businesses. The variety is very wide ranging and unisex so everyone can get a dose of happy mail every month.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Every month, you'll receive a delivery of 4-5 full and deluxe size items in art, tech, snacks, grooming products, home goods and more!

Breaking Games Game of Phones- This is a game that uses the contents of your cell phone and your Googling skills. It sort of reminds me of Cards Against Humanity but the answers to the questions (Find an Obnoxious Selfie, etc.) are found on your phone. It sounds like a great game for teens, I have to admit. Expensive but probably packed with hilarity once the game gets going.
Value: $20
Wintercroft DIY Low-Poly Mask- This is a little strange. It's a downloadable template you can use to create a mask of your choice. You print out the template on paper, glue the paper onto cardstock, then cut it out and form it. It's a little too much work on my part but it's definitely on the unusual side. Although, now that I think about it... If I made one and then used glow in the dark paint on it... Uhh, yeah, I might have to do that. I wonder if it would be more durable and still keep it's shape if I used craft foam...
Value: $6

Mokuyobi Banana Time Patch- Mokuyobi is Los Angeles based company that specializes in brightly colored, crazily printed clothing and accessories. There's probably a fan base for that but I have to admit... *cough* it's not me. However, I do know someone who collects patches and will love this. I hope he doesn't already have it.
Value: $6
Unplugged Goods Twistable Laces- These are adorable. They're for wrapping up your cords but I think I can find a better, or at least additional, use for them. Although they are perfect for wrapping up earbuds... Hm.
Value: $8

VERDICT: As you can see, Craftly is very unique. I can't think of another on like it. Based on the contents over the past few months, if you're looking for a gift, I feel Craftly makes a great gift for guys or tech geeky girls. You probably already can imagine someone this would be perfect for if you're thinking about it. I have one particular friend who this box would totally fit-- a little geeky, a little techie, a little nerdy and appreciative of ridiculous things.

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*this box was sent complimentary for review purposes. all opinions are mine. referral link used

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