Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kloverbox December 2016 Review and Coupon

Kloverbox is dedicated to providing a healthy, natural alternative to products you need to use every day.  They search for the best, most useful natural, organic and eco-friendly brands and send you full sizes and samples each month.

One of the things I love about it is that this box is about more than beauty.  It's about helping you live a sustainable and eco-friendly life as well.  So you'll receive fun lifestyle products as well as skincare and beauty goodies.

Each box will arrive carefully packaged and with an information card to tell you about the products you're receiving and how they are made.  It will also provide you with coupons in case you fall in love with something and need more.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Receive 6-8 premium products to sample, each from top brands and hand-picked by our health conscious curators in beauty, health, nutrition and home categories.

Drops of Joy Diffuser Bracelet- This bracelet is made from amazonite and lava beads. Lava is porous and very light. Because they're porous,  you can drop essential oil on them and run around smelling amazing once the oil soaks in! Fun, huh! I'm wearing mine right now.
Value: $32

Yoganics Essential Oil Blend in Holiday Cheer- This smells wonderful! It's made with rosewood, orange peel, cinnamon leaf, vanilla, spruce and almond oils. I love it! I also sprinkled it on my scented pine cones to give them a scent boost.
Value: $15
Wild Plants Love You Rosy Cheek Stain- This is made with jojoba oil, alkanet root, elderberry and lavender essential oil. I'm so disappointed about the lavender oil! It doesn't need to be in there and it means I can't use it. /cry It's very soft because of the jojoba oil so it glide on easily. It's not super tinted either so it's nicely buildable.
Value: $8

Timeless Organics Skincare Muscle Soak- I want to use this! I've been weightlifting and been so sore the day after. Sadly this also has lavender in it but I'm tempted to use it anyway. I find I have a much worse time with oils and fresh flowers. Maybe dried petals wouldn't be so bad... This does tempt me to make my own version. This is made with dead sea salt, himalayan pink salt and epsom salt.
Value: $6
ra Goods Refresh your Face Toner- This toner is made with Distilled water, Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Frankincense Essential Oil, and Lemongrass Essential Oil. If you have oily skin, you're probably more likely to enjoy this. It doesn't say the witch hazel is alcohol free so I'm going to pass on this. It smells amazing, though! I love lemongrass oil.
Value: $10

VERDICT: I'm always happy when Kloverbox isn't just beauty products. Too many other boxes do that. This box has the bracelet and oil combination that I love and while my allergies prevent me from using a couple things, they'll make excellent stocking stuffers. Ugh. Which I need to wrap and I have about ten million of them.

If you would like to sign up for Kloverbox, you can do that here. Use code KLOVERBOX10 for 10% off your first box.

*this box was sent complementary for review purposes. all opinions are mine.


  1. I had to drop Kloverbox a LONG time ago because of the over abundance of Lavender.
    How I wish it would go back to being " an old woman's smelling" thing and not the hot ingredient that we ( and MANY others) are allergic to.


    1. There are so many essential oils in the world, it shouldn't be that hard to find an alternative to lavender. It's so repetitive and that's the problem. I'm okay if it's one lavender product in six months but if it's in every single box, someone needs to get more creative.