Thursday, December 1, 2016

What's Been Going On...

Hey, everyone! You've probably noticed I've been posting less frequently. It's not because I'm lazy! We are in the middle of a transition with my husband's job which means potentially moving out of state. Eeek! Scary.

This means we need to have the house ready to sell at a moments notice and that means a LOT of cleaning and fixing and replacing, etc. Basically, a lot of work that takes me away from my obsession with subscription boxes and my blog.

So if you're wondering what's going on, that's what's happening. I may not be able to actually review the backlog that will occur but I do plan to keep up as much as possible on Instagram because it's easier. You can follow me there if you're not already (@bits.and.boxes).

Here's what else it means, though! I will (hopefully) have a new, huge, wonderful, light-filled studio for photos and... da da daaaaaa... YouTube videos! So those of you who have followed me there will get getting a renewed taste of videos a la Sarah. And preferably with a face, not just hands, since there should be enough room to spread out.

I'm guessing that won't seriously start until February. I'm going to try to keep up with coupon codes and Christmas sales but it won't be as instant as it has been in the past. So much depends on so much! It's possible it may not happen for a few months but I want to be as prepared as possible.

So, thank you for following, commenting and/or stopping by for Memebox coupons! I've scaled back and I'll be off and on sporadically. Not helping matters were our trip to New Zealand in late October and our upcoming trip to the Netherlands. When things are non-refundable, everything else can just work out around it. hah! I'm excited to go. I should post up a few things about how much fun Hobbiton and New Zealand was. That was a trip of a lifetime!

(Your friendly neighborhood subscription box addict)


  1. It must be a lot of work but well worthy it. and have a great trip and thanks always for the memebox coupons!

    1. I'm glad someone is using them! Enjoy your holidays! :)