Friday, January 20, 2017

Kloverbox January 2017 Review and Coupon Code

Kloverbox has been one of my favorite eco-friendly subscriptions for awhile. I've always appreciated the practicality of the inclusions along with the heavier focus on home items. While most boxes of this ilk tend to feature primarily beauty products (since they're easier to find and procure), Kloverbox has done a great job of providing better, more natural or sustainable products to replace what I normally use at home. The biggest case being the Buckaroo Soapberry Suds Laundry Detergent.

This month, of course, focuses on the new year and all it entails. Aaand that mainly means getting a super clean smile! Haha! The prevailing sentiment is that 2016 sucked big time and hopefully 2017 will be better. All I can say is that if it's even a smidgen less stressful than our last few months, it'll be a good one.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Receive premium products to sample from top brands and hand-picked by health conscious curators in beauty, health, nutrition and home categories.

Humble Brush- Vegan and anti-bacterial, this tooth brush is made from bamboo! I admit to being a slight germophobe when it comes to toothbrushes. I sadly contribute to landfills with my use of plastic toothbrushes. Probably more than the average person. I've never really even considered getting something different than my usual Crest brush but this has inspired me! It's actually a great brush and makes nice lather. It's not too hard either. I actually really like it. See what I mean about Kloverbox being so practical!?
Value: $6
Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse- This is part toothpaste and part mouthwash. Spray it in, swish it then brush with it in there still. Not as easy as it sounds but it works great with my new toothbrush, even foams up a bit to make you feel like it's working. However, I prefer to spit out the wash and spray in new, fresh rinse for the brushing part. The germophobe in me insists.
Value: $6
Eco-DenT Vegan Floss- Isn't all floss vegan? I mean, wouldn't it be without it needing to be said? Oh, I just looked it up. It's usually made with beeswax. Which I guess whether that's vegan or not depends on the kind of vegan you are. Personally, I think bees are awesome and there's no way I could live without them. A world without honey? Horrors! In any case, if you are a strict vegan, here's your new floss! It's made with vegetable waxes. Plus the packaging is eco-friendly (no plastic).
Value: $4
Natural Annie Essentials Happy Edges- This is a blend of castor oil and therapeutic grade essential oils. It's supposed to strengthen your edges and reduce breakage and dry itchy scalps. Losing edges is definitely an issue with ethnic hairstyles and castor oil is anecdotaly recommended for keeping the peach fuzz and scalp hydrated. While I can't use this product, I will be passing it on to my best friend who has moaned about her edges since we were roommates in college. Eighteen years and counting and her edges still aren't as bad as she thinks they are!
Value: $14
Balipura Auric Spray- This product is totally not my style. I freely admit that. I like useful, practical, everyday goodies with some beauty products thrown in. This is a spray "infused" with crystal. It's supposed to "release unwanted emotions, habits, fears and attachments." *cough* Sorry, buuut that's not actually going to happen with a spray. I'm so not into the mystical so I can't appreciate this product at all. However it does have cinnamon bark and grapefruit essential oils so it has potential as a room spray. The whole thing is a little too weird for me, though.

VERDICT: I love getting all the practical goodies for my smile, that's totally fun. And while I can't use the Happy Edges, my friend will happily snap it up. And I gotta give props for the inclusion of a product that can be enjoyed by those with ethnic hair! I think that may be the first time I've ever seen one! My only disappointment is that the "hero" item is so out of left field. I mean, it's a pretty small subsection of people who are going to be able to get the full enjoyment out of an auric spray or even see the benefit of it. Definitely not me. Plus, while I'd expect to see something like that in Buddhibox or YogiSurprise or most assuredly SapphireSoul, I would not expect to see it in a subscription like Kloverbox. I hope it's not starting to lean that direction.

If you would like to sign up for Kloverbox, you can get 10% off your first order by using this link! Or use KLOVERBOX10. Oh, and as a sneaky side note, I feel like I saw an Instagram post that said OrganicCrime will be featured in March but with something for brows and eyelashes! Except now I can't find it! Oh, wait. Here it is! I just wish it didn't have lavender in it! So unnecessary! I know, I know. I'm allergic so I'm biased. But still.

*this box was sent complimentary for review purposes. all opinions are mine.

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