Wednesday, January 25, 2017

TeeBlox January 2017 TShirt Subscription Review and Coupons Galore!

I've got so many TeeBlox subscriptions now, I can hardly keep track of them! They keep offering new limited edition versions that I want. Normally we get the Star Wars version for my husband and I get the SciFi version for myself. But now they have an actual Female category! So I'm tempted to sign up for that one, too. Hah! I'm addicted to awesome tshirts.
Here's what we got this month! A comic, as usual. A little pin and a nice heavyweight Star Wars shirt. This is my husbands subscription and he's super happy with the shirt. We've had great luck with getting high quality shirts. Most are a nice weight and the ones that have been a little thinner have been super soft and comfortable.

Out of all the months we've been subscribed, I can finally say I've got a dud. That was last month. not this month, though. Actually two duds. One disappointment was a tshirt printed obviously off center (so annoying!). The other was this month where I received a horrible... wife-beater? tank top not-tshirt. If I'm going to get a "not-tshirt" I'd definitely prefer it to be a hoodie or something. Not a hideous Godzilla tank.

I know, not a ringing endorsement right off the bat. But since we've basically had two subscriptions running for a year each, that's a pretty good track record.

The Cost: $12.99/month plus shipping

What You Get: An aweosome tshirt in the genre of your choice, a comic book and some doodad extra bit.

Every month you'll get a tshirt from your chosen genre. You'll also get a comic book and some small doodad like a pin or stickers. Or coasters. They raised the price awhile back saying that they wanted to put in better extras (like socks and keychains) but so far that stuff has never materialized in any of my shipments.
I don't get this subscription for those things, though. I get them for the tshirts so I'm not too fussed about it. Although I did see that now Loot Crate has a tshirt subscription and it's only $8.99/month. They don't have the genre choice, though, so it's a little different.

VERDICT: I think this is a super fun subscription for those of us who like random nerdy/geeky/gamer type wear. I think if you have a wide expanse of nerd knowledge, you'll appreciate it even more. They don't really have girl sizes but I get the small size and they fit fine. If you're really tiny, though, you'll need something smaller (go for the new womens category!). For guys, my husband is 180lbs and he gets a medium. You can always switch your size in your account, too. You can even change your genre which is pretty nice.
NOW! Here's some information that doesn't appear to be on their website. If you want POKEMON, use code PKMN24FS and receive 24% discount on your pok√©mon subscription and also free shipping. That ends TODAY (1/25)! If you're reading this after the fact, you can see if this link will still take you to the order page.

If you want WOMEN'S SIZES, use this link. It's a little weird because it's considered a genre. That link takes you right to the sizing page. So you don't get to choose which type of shirts you want. You just get whatever they have that's women's size. It's probably a lot like the Hot Meex version which I got for ages.

If you would like to sign up for TeeBlox, you can do that here. Use code BNBTBX for free shipping on your first month (that saves you $2.99)!

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