Monday, February 27, 2017

PetGiftBox February 2017 Small Dog Box Review and Coupon

PetGiftBox sends curated and themed boxes of toys and treats for both dogs and cats. This review is for the Small Dog box which is up to 20lbs. If you have a toy type or a dog under ten pounds, you probably already know that getting the right size toys and treats isn't easy and these boxes are likely not going to work for your pup. If you have a 17lb rat terrier, these boxes will be awesome. I have two rat terriers and they both get lots of enjoyment out of their PetGiftBoxes.

These boxes always have a great mix of toys and treats, too. Even better there's a good variety between the toys so you're sure to get at least one that's the kind your dog likes. If your dogs are like mine, most toys get played with unless they're those heavy rubber kind.

The Cost: $28.99/month-to-month down to $18.99/month if you get a year.

What You Get: A themed box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Snakku February 2017 Premium Japanese Snack Subscription Review and Coupon

This month it's "Fan Favorites" with Snakku! Lucky for me, one of my favorites was included and I just wish (once again) that there was a way to get more that didn't involve a plane ticket. Snakku has been shipping directly from Japan which only enhances their committment to find high quality artisan snacks for every box.
Snakku is more than just snacks, it's also an experience that makes a great gift. Each box is wrapped in a paper furoshiki cloth, giving it a wonderful presentation aspect. The box is artful and the information page is beautifully printed and includes photos of the snacks along with their descriptions. That's important when you can't read the language.

The Cost: $38.99/month.

What You Get: Get a collection of 10-15 hand-picked snacks that you can only find in Japan,
along with a selection of familiar & delicious Japanese snacks delivered every month.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Allure Beauty Box vs Sephora Play February 2017 Comparison and Coupon

The Allure Beauty Box is one of the top beauty boxes currently available to subscribers. I like it a lot and find it hard to decide between this and the Sephora Play box. Sephora is new on the scene with its subscription but it's full of brand clout. I freely admit that I can't bring myself to cancel either one.

I did cancel Birchbox and Ipsy, though. I think that Allure and Sephora both send better brands in bigger sizes and offer more of a variety of products. I felt Birchbox leaned more toward skincare and Ipsy more towards makeup and I just really want a balance.

Here's my comparison of what I received in my February boxes:

Friday, February 24, 2017

SweetsGiftBox February 2017 Review and 50% Off Coupon

SweetsGiftBox is part of TheGiftBox family and sends candies, chocolates and other sweet treats every month. For February the focus is definitely chocolate which makes sense. It also has a fantastic bar which I've tried before and loved.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Every month you'll receive a selection of 4-5 sweets ranging from crunchy, chewy, chocolate, fruity or salty.

The Hive Box February 2017 Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

The Hive Box fulfills a subscription box "want" of mine. I went hunting for a subscription box that would send small batch honey to my door after someone mentioned it in a comment. I adore honey and I drink more tea than most people so I go through it pretty quickly. I like to buy honey whenever I visit a new place around the country or world and I've been able to snag some great tasting honey from several places. So far New Zealand wins for the best clover honey.
I've received boxes that have had honey and there is a box that sends honey and tea (Just Add Honey) but wasn't quite what I was looking for. The Hive Box sends a new honey every month plus all sorts of bee related goodies like candles, soaps, home goods, candies and paper products. Now THAT is what I want!! So I signed up. This box celebrates bees, small businesses who love them and local artisans who make great things with bee-related materials.
There are two box sizes. The Mini Box has a raw honey, a beeswax candle, and a bee-friendly goodie in each box. The Regular box has a raw honey plus a selection of 4-6 bee related products. I went for the Regular size box, of course. Besides the information card, there is also information on how to care for your candles, notes about honey and a bunch of coupons.

The Cost: $24.95/month plus shipping (Regular), $15.95/month plus shipping (Mini)

What You Get: Every month you'll receive one new raw honey plus 3-5 other bee-related items like candles, soaps, home goods, paper products and edibles.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PinchMe Sampling Program Box and Puppy Palooza Offers

PinchMe is a sampling program I've recently signed up for. I had tried this service a loooong time ago, back when it first started and it was so difficult to even acquire samples, I eventually just gave up and forgot about it. Now, however, it's changed a lot and they've got a revamped website that makes it much easier.

This sampling program is completely free but you will need to sign up and fill out your profile. You'll also be responsible for choosing your samples. I don't think they'll just send you random products. Based on your profile, you'll have a selection of products to pick from. If your profile doesn't fit the sort of samples they have at the time, you may not be eligible for any. The good news is that you'll get things that fit who you are. Yay!

I was sent a PinchMe VIP box to give you an idea of the sorts of things you can get. They're also having a promotion to encourage those with dogs to sign up. Since I have dogs, I did just that! Currently, they're running a PuppyPalooza contest. Sign up and refer your friends and see if you are the lucky winner of a $1000 shopping spree and/or free PinchMe sample boxes. Check it out here!

PB&Jealous Sweet Welcome Box Review plus $10 Coupon Code

I can't tell you how excited I am for PB&Jealous! It's a subscription that sends jams, jellies, peanut butter and honeys every month! I subscribed hoping I would get February but instead I received a Welcome Box. I'm SO pleased with everything inside. I love the idea of a Welcome Box especially if it means getting to try so many different things.

Because I knew this box was coming, I went to the store and bought everything for biscuits. My anticipation levels were very, very high. Now that I'm writing up the review, I'm salivating just thinking about the excellent jams I discovered in this box!
There are so many options to choose from, as well! Not only can you choose the size of your box (Mini or Big) but you can also choose whether you want only sweet, sweet goodness or if you want some savory tastes mixed in!
I chose the Large box with only Sweet stuff and I did make use of their offer to modify the box for allergies. Grape jam/jelly is a migraine trigger for me so I asked for substitutions to be made in case there were any. I absolutely love the option and the follow-through was perfect. How and why my brain doesn't like grape is a mystery to me but it's been my bane since I was about seven years old. So you can imagine how happy the ability to request a modification was.

The Cost: $34.95/month plus $5 shipping for the Big Box, $26.95/month plus $5 shipping for Mini.

What You Get: The Big Box will have 5-8 artisan products, an average of over $40 in value. The Mini has 3-5 artisan products, an average of $30 in value. Both boxes will include a handcrafted artisan nut butter and a delicious, all natural jam, jelly or preserve. Additional products can be anything from honey and fruit butters to syrups and organic snacks.

The Daily Goodie Box Free Sampling and Review Program

The Daily Goodie Box is a free sampling program. I've never tried something like this. Apparently I prefer to pay for my samples. Hah! But this was actually a very fun experience. What I love most about Daily Goodie Box is that it requires very little effort on the consumers part. There's no need to get up at a certain time and claim samples before they run out. Technically, you can just sign up, fill out your profile then sit back and wait.

If you do receive a Daily Goodie Box, make sure you try all your samples and complete the surveys in your profile. Doing this increases your chance of getting another one since they really want feedback more than anything. You can also interact on their Daily Goodie Box Facebook page or post about your samples on your social media pages. It's not required but it is fun to see what other people think about things. Like Butter Coffee...

Since this is my very first box, I can't say how frequently these arrive but I can say they are PACKED with samples. I was shocked! So many things to try!

Here's what I received:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Kloverbox February 2017 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

Kloverbox is dedicated to providing a healthy, natural alternative to products you need to use every day.  They search for the best, most useful natural, organic and eco-friendly brands and send you full size products and samples each month.

One of the things I love about it is that this box is about more than beauty.  It's about helping you live a sustainable and eco-friendly life as well.  So you'll receive fun lifestyle products as well as skincare and beauty goodies.

Each box will arrive carefully packaged and with an information card to tell you about the products you're receiving and how they are made.  It will also provide you with coupons in case you fall in love with something and need more.  Shipping is free and is available to all US customers.

The Cost: $25/month.

What You Get: Receive natural, cruelty-free and organic products, hand-picked by eco-conscious curators in beauty, health, nutrition and home categories.

Monday, February 13, 2017

GlobeIn February 2017 Artisan Box Review and Coupon

GlobeIn is a subscription box dedicated to finding fair trade, handmade, ethically sourced products from direct sources or vetted partner organizations. That means you're getting the real deal! GlobeIn is serious about what they are doing- helping global artisans while sending subscribers a little bit of what's out there in the world.

This subscription allows you to experience the world and it's artisans without leaving home. The themes of each box make it even more fun. This box has a theme of "Dream" and its about having the perfect items for fulfilling your dreams.

The Cost: $40/month for the Artisan Box

What You Get: In the Artisan Box, you'll find exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans curated around a monthly theme along with the GlobeIn signature woven basket (unless you choose otherwise).

Bokksu February 2017 Japanese Subscription Box Review and Coupon

I can't even tell you when I opened up this February 2017 Bokksu snack box. I might have shrieked. I might have run around the house holding it aaaand I might have run up to my husband and shoved it under his nose. Might have. As I'm typing this, I've tried most but not all of the SUPER AWESOME KITKATS found in this box.
They dedicated the whole box to KitKat!! If you've ever been to Japan, you know there is an obsession of sorts with KitKat. They have flavors you won't find anywhere else and you can get them everywhere! Probably even in vending machines (since you can get beer, noodles and panties from vending machines, there has to be a KitKat one, right?).

I've always wondered why there is such a love for Kit Kat in Japan. Apparently it's because the Japanese pronunciation of Kit Kat is very similar to the phrase for "definite victory" (kitto katsu). This means Kit Kat are handed out as good luck charms for students taking exams, etc.

The Cost: $38.99/month

What You Get: You'll receive 18-20 authentic Japanese snacks sourced directly from Japan plus a tea pairing curated around a cultural theme.

Try the World Limited Edition Amour Box and Coupon Code

Try the World focuses on sending curated boxes of gourmet foods using ingredients from around the world. It's a great way to get authentic components for unusual and popular recipes. This February, they've collaborated with Conde Nast Traveler to create a limited edition box with the perfect contents for a Valentine's Day dinner. Or any date night occasion!
This box features eight specialty products from three romantic destinations: Italy, France and Thailand. I have to admit that I noticed the included recipes are very easy to follow. You definitely don't have to be a chef to put together this three course meal.

The Cost: $49

What You Get: Eight specialty ingredients plus recipes to help you create a date night dinner.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate January 2017 Review

Well, I just read a news article saying that Fox would renew Firefly if Joss Whedon came back and got involved. Shouldn't they have done that ages ago? There's been a pretty heavy cult following for quite awhile now. I mean, if even Loot Crate can come out with a subscription solely dedicated to Firefly paraphernalia, there must be some demand for it. This review is for the January 2017 Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate. It's bi-monthly so you get just six per year.
I know I want it all!! The bad thing is that those just finding out about this awesome subscription have missed out on some great collectibles. I don't know how you'll find them. Ebay, maybe? So far we've received the Serenity, Kayley, Wash, Saffron, Zoe and Jayne. So we still have Mal, Shepherd (RIP), Inara, Simon and River. The awesome thing is that these are EXCLUSIVE to Loot Crate. So while they may have a version of Inara sold out on the Quantum Mechanix website, she's bound to pop up in a Loot Crate box sooner or later.

Oh, right.... Shepherd is coming up in the next box. "We’ve been out of the world for a spell. Like to walk it a while. Maybe bring some cargo to them as need it brought. But, how it gets there is THE WORTHIER PART! Join us in celebrating Shepherd Book with an EXCLUSIVE Little Damn Heroes Figure & more! Order by 3/15 at 9pm PT. Supplies are limited."

Part of the fun of these boxes is the mini-mag that arrives with it. They have interviews with cast and crew members that divulge all sorts of information. This month contained a section remembering the awesomeness of Ron Glass (Shepherd Book). He passed away in November and the stories were both sad and good to read.

The Cost: $39.99/bi-monthly

What You Get: A collection of 5-7 Official Firefly Gear & Collectibles, including shiny figures, cunning apparel and other such finery every 2 months. Valued at $65+.

Yogi Surprise February 2017 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

Yogi Surprise is a box that focuses on products that will integrate into a yoga lifestyle. I don't really do yoga but this box has had some fun things in it. So I signed up with a coupon to get a taste. So far it's been great. This month has a little too much lavender in it and I checked  my account to see if I could skip it but no such luck. I wish every subscription allowed that.
The theme is "Self-Love" and if loving yourself has to do with smelling like lavender and being clean, you got the right box. Haha!

The Cost: $44.95/month.

What You Get: You’ll receive 6 to 8 full-size products with a value of over $70, designed to nourish and support your well-being, vitality, and growth.

Happy Rebel Box Winter 2016 Review plus Spring Spoilers and Coupon!

This review for Happy Rebel Box is SO late!! I figured better late than never so here's my assessment of the Winter 2016 box. This is a great subscription if you like home items and if you've got a slightly edgy style. Although, I'm not totally into skulls and metal but I still get a kick out of receiving this box so you'll have to judge for yourself. I've found it fairly easy to incorporate what is sent into my life.
One of the FANTASTIC things that Happy Rebel Box has been doing is allowing choices for certain items. So you get to pick your favorite color or your favorite scent. It's been wonderful to be able to do that. Everything has always arrived exactly as I've requested, as well, so that's a super plus.

The Cost: $100/quarterly

What You Get: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Each box could contain jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Snakku January 2017 Premium Japanese Snack Subscription and Coupon

The January 2017 Snakku box might be my favorite one so far! It was so full of delicious, sweet treats! This month focused on snacks from Kobe which is Japan's sixth largest city. It's always been an important port city for international trade and all sorts of things were introduced via Kobe that hadn't been seen before during the 19th century.
Besides excellent snacks, Kobe also is famous for it's beef, some of the oldest sake breweries int he world and the renowned Arima Onsen hot spring resort. You learn all sorts of things on the included information card. It's pretty fun learning about each snack.

The Cost: $38.99/month for the Snakku Box. $15.95/month for the Tasting Box.

What You Get: Get a collection of 10-15 hand-picked snacks that you can only find in Japan,
along with a selection of familiar & delicious Japanese snacks delivered every month.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cozy Reader Club January 2017 Review and Coupon Code

I cannot get enough of Cozy Reader Club!! I was lucky enough to win a subscription but that is now over and I'm on my own. This is definitely a subscription that I feel is geared more toward a mature audience of women who love fiction novels of all kinds. This box always feels like a big reward and it's still the first one I hug to my chest and run to open up. It always has the BEST things inside.
This month it's all about reading in the bathtub. Which is not something I do, I have to admit. Too many wet, ruined books. That doesn't stop me from loving all this, though. If only you could smell these things.

The Cost: $64.95/month plus shipping

What You Get: One newly released women's fiction novel, an artisan coffee, tea or hot chocolate, gourmet treats and beautiful handmade items.

SleekTreats January 2017 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

SleekTreats is a subscriptions catering to those looking to reduce the amount of sugar in their lifestyles. The goal is for you to be able to indulge guilt free and enjoy what you're eating. Everything is tested by the curators for tastiness.
I've never tried a box like this so it was a fun experience to unbox it. I do love sugary goodies (especially hard candies) so I don't know if I could go completely sugar free. I was surprised by how tasty a few of these were, too.

The Cost: $34.99/month

What You Get: Each month you'll receive 5-8 sugar free treats like chocolates, cookies, hard candies, jellies and more.

OuiPlease Vol. 2.5 Subscription Box Review and 30% Off Coupon Code

OuiPlease is a guilty pleasure for me. They send only products from France bi-monthly and it always has something new and unusual. Most products can only be found in OuiPlease and you won't see them in any other subscription. I was subscribed for a year and then let my subscription lapse because I wasn't impressed with customer service and the variety between boxes left a lot to be desired. Sometimes someone would receive a box with $600 worth of product while another one would receive $250. While I'm not super hung up on value if things are useful to me, this was one of the only boxes I got that instilled me with "box-envy."
Now it seems that boxes are a little more even-handed, though there is still a slight disparity. It's nothing like it used to be though.
The other reason I re-signed up? A insanely good coupon. INSANELY GOOD! I posted about it. It was 40% off all subscriptions. So I signed up for another year.

The Cost: $150/bi-monthly

What You Get: A unique selection of full sized French products. In addition to all of the hand-selected gifts, your parcel will include the latest issue of our own “OuiPlease” magazine. Explore deliciously simple French recipes, exclusive interviews, style tips, lifestyle pieces, and discover the full range of current products that were distributed across America.

Popsugar Must Have February 2017 Review and Coupon

The February 2017 Popsugar Must Have box shipped early so that everyone would have it before Valentines Day. I thought that was pretty nice of them to do! On the other hand, I can't say that this was my favorite box ever. I don't know. It just seemed... empty? I adore Popsugar Must Have and have had very few flops in my almost four years of subscription so I'm not complaining super hard. Just observing.
Since I love Popsugar so much, I knew I would be snagging a six month subscription over the holidays. I did that for a great price and with the new ability to Upgrade subscriptions, I also added on a 3 month subscription using the great MSA coupon. I work pretty hard to make sure I don't have to actually pay full price for my boxes which was a lot easier when they always had $10 or $20 off coupons. They did away with those deals last year but even paying full price, I still enjoyed every box.

The Cost: $39.99/month

What You Get: You'll get an exciting monthly box full of fun, full-size products that are hand-selected by the Popsugar editors. Full-size products and premium items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness and food.

Box of Style Spring 2017 Hero Item Reveal and Free Gift Coupon!

I recently posted about two of the items you'll find in the Spring 2017 Box of Style but now some more details have come out about the hero item! I freely admit I've been subscribed to Box of Style since it's inception and I've been VERY happy with the contents of each box. Everything has been great quality.

The Cost: $100/quarter

What You Get: At least five products worth over $400 in fashion, beauty and lifestyle carefully curated by Rachel Zoe and her team.
It's a Tribe Alive Carry All valued at $200.  It has double top handles, a cross-body strap and a neutral motif to create a striking and versatile handbag perfect for festival season. It's black and white and is made of foot-loomed fabric and cognac brown leather and produced on a small-batch scale to ensure the highest quality.
Here's a better idea of size (for those of you who have the box). I'm really excited about this! It is a little weird because Popsugar just sent out a Tribe Alive clutch with this same type of pattern in their February box. Here's what it looks like:
Pretty! I'm more likely to use the carry all but I might use this inside it if I like how they work together when I have them both in my hot little hands.

Here's another product that will be in the box from Adornmonde:
You'll be able to choose gold or silver, too! I *love* that they allow customization like that because I'm totally a silver girl all the way! These are apparently mix-n-match earrings so you can wear them with hoops or without.

The Spring box ships mid March. If you're a seasonal subscriber, you should see your charge around February 15th. If you need to cancel, make sure you do it before then.

Otherwise you can sign up now and you'll receive the Spring box! You have two choices now for coupons. You can use SPRING10 and get $10 off the purchase price OR you can use code LUNARES and a get a free Lunares jewelry holder added to your box. Here's what it looks like:
So there you go! That should help you make your decision! What do you think of these spoilers? So far, I think, nothing has really compared to the Miansai cuff in the first box and the Dylanlex necklace. Ohhh, and the Alexis Bittar cocktail ring... Alright, basically every box has something amazing!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Birchbox vs Sephora Play vs Allure Beauty Box January 2017 Beauty Box Comparison

One of my favorite genre of boxes is the beauty box. Several samples of new makeup and skincare packed carefully in a box or bag and mailed right to me. I love it. Part of the fun is getting to try new brands or completely new products or just having way more things than I can possibly slap on my face at any given time.

Samples are fun because they don't take up a whole lot of space, you don't have to feel bad if you hate it and throw it away and, in the case of these subscriptions, they're accessible and affordable.

Currently I've been subscribing to Sephora Play, Allure Beauty Box and Birchbox.  I tend to have a favorite every month but sometimes it can be hard to pick a winner.

So I thought that for the month of January, I would show everything I received in these three boxes and give you an idea of what to expect if you were to subscribe.

Here's what I got:

PetGiftBox January 2017 Small Dog Box Review and Coupon Code

PetGiftBox is a subscription box for dogs and cats. This review is for the Petite Pup box which is designed for dogs up to 20lbs. My boys are about 17lbs and this box tends to have toy sizes that fit well. This box has treats and toys both labeled with the PetGiftBox brand which I feel is a new thing. Not that it's unusual. Barkbox also does this.
The theme this month is "Paws Vegas" and while it's not my favorite box they've done, Bugsy did love the toys. If you want a box with new toys and regular snacks, this box might fit what you're looking for. You're not going to find super high quality goods in PetGiftBox but they'll definitely be serviceable.

The Cost: $28.99/month

What You Get: Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and other great products that have been hand picked for your pet.

Handmade Hive February 2017 Subscription Box Review and 20% Off Coupon

I'm so excited to introduce you to Handmade Hive! If you've followed me for long, you probably know that I have an abiding love for subscription boxes that send handmade, artisan goods. I'm a huge proponent for supporting small businesses and independent artisans. Especially women! We are creative, thoughtful beings and I love being able to support artists in any way I can. It's not exactly easy to grow your own business from scratch when you're a women with ten thousand things on her plate so I'm always thrilled to find a new subscription exploring the wonders of handmade products!

Handmade Hive has a wonderful February 2017 box with a theme of "Love is in the Air." February is always a fun month to subscribe to any box because they tend to focus on all the things that say "me-time" and Handmade Hive is no exception.

With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that help fight sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.. The months of January, February and March, donations will go to Truth for Women's Truth Home. Truth Home is a therapeutic residential home offering changed lives and hope-filled futures to survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The home offers a safe place and supportive services for women who want an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

The Cost: $44.95/month plus $9.99 shipping

What You Get: Each box is filled with locally-sourced, quality handmade goods from small businesses around the country. Each month, the contents will center on a specific theme and contain a piece for home, wardrobe or style. You will receive anything from art, personal-care products and stationery to home goods, edible treats and more.
The Fruit Boxx Strawberry Summer Freeze Dried Strawberries- I'm just going to start with awe over how large these strawberry pieces are! So many times when I get dried strawberries, they're basically dust. These, though, are excellent, large pieces! Perfect for decorating or including in your own chocolate dish.
Value: $3

Chocolate (Vol. 18) by Susie Heller- This is a recipe book packed with chocolate concoctions! I love this! "Susie Heller's ode to chocolate improves on the touchstones that chocolate fans know and love (killer caramel brownies and the only chocolate layer cake recipe you'll ever need), while still finding room to explore new ideas." Apparently, this author has several cookbooks and has worked with Julia Child. My mom might steal this from me and never give it back...
Value: $14
Frost'd Co. Mexican Hot Chocolate Snack Frosting- Alright, so you love chocolate. And you've got a significant other. You've probably heard that cinnamon is an aphrodisiac and well, it *is* that time of year! While I can't really attest to it's aphrodisiac powers (my husband is an aphrodisiac all by himself /swoon), I can say that Mexican hot chocolate is one of my favorite ways to "do" chocolate. I make it myself but I've used the Abuelita (great if you like it sweet) and many other types. This, however, is FROSTING! Frosting that tastes like Mexican Hot Chocolate. It's made with coconut oil which tends to be hard at room temperature so you have to heat this up and stir before you can use it. It is AMAZING. I didn't even bother putting it on anything except a spoon. It's rich, decadent and totally satisfying. I'm going to make brownies and put this on them. It's so good plain, though...
Value: $9
Oak Barrel Designs Wineglass and Bottle Holder- Stop everything!! Have you ever seen something like this in a subscription box?!! Me either! I don't drink wine so I think I'll have to find something more creative to do with it. I love the stain and I'm sure I can think of something crafty. I'm just happy to see something so random in this box.
Value: $15

Meadow View Beekeeping Beeswax Candles- Love! Beeswax candles burn so clean and last forever! If I wasn't afraid of work, I'd probably try to do bees myself. Instead I just provide tons of flowers for them so they'll make awesome honey. I think one day I may try beekeeping myself but until then, I have to take advantage of those who already are! These are perfect candles and I'm excited to light them up for Valentine's Day dinner (wish me luck, I'm making Chateaubriand).
Value: $9
Big Picture Farm Farmstead Goat Milk Caramels- I've been heading to the gym regularly with my husband just so I can indulge in (I'm up to 105lbs on my squats!) the things I love. One of those things is caramels! Handmade caramels are handsdown the best kind to ever eat. Once you have one or two, you'll realize how terrible all those other caramels you had were. Now, I have to admit that goat's milk is not my favorite thing unless it is a very specific kind of cheese spread from one specific grocery store. These caramels are not my favorite because... well, goat milk. But it's fun that there are several flavors and I plan to gift these to a family member who loves this stuff.
Value: $10
Farmstead Apothecary Citrus Rose Body Butter- Very fitting for a February box! Rose scented body butter! This is a thick, creamy body butter made with real fruit and essential oils. It's vegan and cruelty free. And it has no lavender! So happy when more unusual fragrances are chosen for products like this. They also have a Strawberry Gardenia that sounds amazing.
Value: $15

VERDICT: I'm really excited to see where Handmade Hive goes! I'm always interested to see what kinds of inclusions curators make in boxes like these. I definitely think there can be a personality to boxes of this kind and sometimes you find out that whoever is doing all the choosing is someone with your style. It's always a great thing! It means that more often than not, you're going to enjoy what you find each month. The variety is fantastic and the value is very good for a specialty box like this, exceeding the cost plus shipping by almost $25. Usually they come in right at cost. Fun!

If you would like to sign up for Handmade Hive box, you can do that here. Use code SWEETTREAT for 20% off AND free shipping when you subscribe for this February box!

*This box was provided complimentary for review purposes. all opinions are mine.