Friday, February 10, 2017

Snakku January 2017 Premium Japanese Snack Subscription and Coupon

The January 2017 Snakku box might be my favorite one so far! It was so full of delicious, sweet treats! This month focused on snacks from Kobe which is Japan's sixth largest city. It's always been an important port city for international trade and all sorts of things were introduced via Kobe that hadn't been seen before during the 19th century.
Besides excellent snacks, Kobe also is famous for it's beef, some of the oldest sake breweries int he world and the renowned Arima Onsen hot spring resort. You learn all sorts of things on the included information card. It's pretty fun learning about each snack.

The Cost: $38.99/month for the Snakku Box. $15.95/month for the Tasting Box.

What You Get: Get a collection of 10-15 hand-picked snacks that you can only find in Japan,
along with a selection of familiar & delicious Japanese snacks delivered every month.

Kobe Bouchee- Fugetsudo is one of the most famous snack makers in Japan and has been creating snacks for over 120 years. These sandwiches are as light as air and filled wtih raisin cream. Very sweet and delicious.
L'espior- Also made by Fugetsudo, these are crispy waffle cookies and are one of their most popular snacks. They are lightly sweet, crunchy and SO good. I ate them all. Each package has two cookies.
Crispy Waffle Sandwich- This was very interesting. It's a waffle cookie sandwich with maple cream. It was a little strange to eat something so crunchy that was maple syrup flavored but I've always loved waffle cones. I ate all of these, too...
Kobe Pudding Cookie- This looks so unassuming but it smells absolutely unreal. The instant I tore the plastic open, my mouth started watering. The cookies are flavored caramel and there's a sort of chocolatey cream in between. I savored every bite. Yum!
Morrymama Rusks- The very first Snakku box featured rusks in all their myriad flavors. It was a big hit with me! I haven't seen many rusks since so I was glad to see these. Two flavors were included: Sugar and Earl Grey. I started with the Earl Grey. Rusks are basically thin slices of baguette, sugar glazed and twice baked for extra crunchiness. They're very good. And slightly addicting.
Corn Crisps- This is fried sweet corn with a salty glaze. I really like the crunch combined with a slightly sweet taste.

Bisco- A biscuit sandwich with creme filling.
Cheese Pepper Puffs- A rice snack with cheese and pepper flavor. These tasted slightly strange but I ate them anyway.
Mini Rice Crackers- I love senbei so I nommed these right down. The packaging was fun.
Milk Country Candy- I do not like these candies at all. I don't like any milk based/tasting candies. There are several kinds and flavors but blech... They all taste horrible to me.

VERDICT: This was such a fantastic box. I loved all the sweet treats and while normally I'd say it had too much waffle, I love waffle cookie way too much to say it this time. So many good snacks included!

If you would like to sign up for Snakku, you can do that here. Use code BITSANDBOXES for 5% off your first month.

*this box was sent complimentary for review purposes. all opinions are mine.

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