Friday, February 24, 2017

The Hive Box February 2017 Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

The Hive Box fulfills a subscription box "want" of mine. I went hunting for a subscription box that would send small batch honey to my door after someone mentioned it in a comment. I adore honey and I drink more tea than most people so I go through it pretty quickly. I like to buy honey whenever I visit a new place around the country or world and I've been able to snag some great tasting honey from several places. So far New Zealand wins for the best clover honey.
I've received boxes that have had honey and there is a box that sends honey and tea (Just Add Honey) but wasn't quite what I was looking for. The Hive Box sends a new honey every month plus all sorts of bee related goodies like candles, soaps, home goods, candies and paper products. Now THAT is what I want!! So I signed up. This box celebrates bees, small businesses who love them and local artisans who make great things with bee-related materials.
There are two box sizes. The Mini Box has a raw honey, a beeswax candle, and a bee-friendly goodie in each box. The Regular box has a raw honey plus a selection of 4-6 bee related products. I went for the Regular size box, of course. Besides the information card, there is also information on how to care for your candles, notes about honey and a bunch of coupons.

The Cost: $24.95/month plus shipping (Regular), $15.95/month plus shipping (Mini)

What You Get: Every month you'll receive one new raw honey plus 3-5 other bee-related items like candles, soaps, home goods, paper products and edibles.

State Street Honey Raw Honey- This honey is from a small, non-migratory apiary in California. This jar is from their Los Altos hives. It's described as woody and floral. I call it tasty! It's crystallized a little and is nice and thick. Since it's minimally filtered, it's still got all the good stuff in it, too. Yum! This is quite a huge jar, too, so it'll last awhile.
Leda Zewacki Save the Bees Magnet Set- These are so cute! I've already got them on my fridge. They're super power magnets, too, which I always love. If I was a really great friend, I would give these to my beekeeper pal but I'm not. I'm keeping them for myself!
Honees Menthol Drops- Not something I would expect to see in a box, I have to admit but I put them in the cupboard for when one of us gets sick next. They're made in Italy with 100% honey in the middle.

Briar Rosie Cuticle and Nail Cream- This uses beeswax along with sesame oil and olive oil with lemon essential oil. I don't usually use this kind of thing but my cuticles need some TLC.
Bee the Light Beeswax Candle- Pure beeswax in a recycled glass jar. Beeswax candles are great because they last so long.

VERDICT: I am so happy I found this subscription! I can't wait to see what other fun kinds of bee-related products they'll find to put in. Plus getting a great honey every month is pretty great. It'll be fun to try them all next to each other and compare as the months go by. The fact that they also offer a small version of the box with a jar of honey and two other items is also very handy. I may switch to that one if I ever feel overwhelmed with bee goodies. :)

If you would like to sign up for The Hive Box, you can do that here. Use coupon code BITSBOXES for 10% off your first box!! Don't you think this is fun? Part of me wishes I could make my own honey but I think I'll just leave it to the pros. :)

Do you know of a honey box that I haven't heard of? Give me all the details!

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