Tuesday, February 7, 2017

TopMunch December 2016 Snack Subscription Review and Coupon Code

TopMunch is an international snack subscription featuring a new country every month! The month of December, it's all about Turkey!! I have to admit that I was very impressed with the amount of information included with this box. Many snack subscriptions don't even have an information card or tell you anything about the snacks you've received. TopMunch outdoes them all! Not only is there information regarding the treats included but there's also a historical outline of the country that is being featured!
I think that automatically sets TopMunch apart. Especially if you're subscribing for your kids. I mean, I'm an adult and I love learning so this interested me, but if you've got stubborn children, here's a great way to get them participating. At least, that's how I'd use it. The informational cards are a great resource!

The Cost: $19/month plus $3 shipping

What You Get: Four to five hard-to-find food from countries around the world, along with music and travel recommendations.

Ulker Clip Sesame Sticks- It's suggested to eat these with Turkish coffee. These look like pretzels but since they're made with sesame, they taste better. I love sesame!
Sehrzat Tel Pistacchio Cotton Candy- This is a very strange sweet. It's made with flour, sugar and pistachio nuts. While it's called cotton candy, it's most definitely not like ours here in the US. It's almost difficult to eat because it disintegrates so easily. Does it taste good? Oh, yes. Yes, it does! I love pistachios, though. If you don't, you may not care for it so much. It has a very interesting texture, melts in the mouth and yet still has a slight crunch. I like it, it's just hard to actually eat. :)
Ulker Chokolati Gofret Wafer- Wafer cookies are SO popular around the world. Far moreso than I think they are here in the US. Or maybe I just don't get out enough? This bar is made of chocolate covered wafer.

Ulker Albeni Bites- "Albeni" means "take me" in Turkish. This bar is made of milk chocolate, caramel and biscuit. Similar to a Twix (but totally not, if that helps). My husband got to this before I did and it must have been good because all I found was the empty wrapper.
Hazerbaba Orange Turkish Delights- I can't lie. These were amazing. I loved them!  Turkish Delights have been part of Turkish culture for centuries. It's a gummy confection with a powdered sugar outer coating. It can also have fruit and nuts inside. These have candied orange peel. Kind of addictive, I have to admit.

Ulker Cizi Vic Crackers with Cheese- A salty cracker with cheese filling. I think I like knowing that cheese and crackers is a world reknowned "thing." I love cheese and crackers (you know those ones you get at Costco?) so this went right in my snack bin for when we go hiking.
Malban Delicacies- So I know these don't look too appetizing but they are made with one of my new favorite things-- Mastic. Mastic is the resin from the mastic tree which is mainly found in Greece. It has a very distinctive taste and you can find it in gum and in this case, candies! These are gummy candies packed with nuts. I already ate them. Mastic is something we got interested in because it's supposed to help with gut/intestinal issues (it's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial). Back in the day, sultan's and their harem used it to keep their teeth clean! Not these candies, of course, but the gum itself.

VERDICT: This was a great snack box for us. We enjoyed everything included and I really liked reading all the extra historical information. It's said that you can use it to plan your trip! I don't think I'll be going to Turkey any time soon (they're having issues) but someday I hope to visit. It is expensive, I think, but if you're looking for a way to spice up some school lessons, this seems like the perfect way to do it. I can't help but think that way because I was a homeschool teacher for three boys for a year (1st, 3rd and 6th grade) and I tried to make it as interesting (and unusual) as possible. The other great part is that TopMunch also put together a music list so that you can experience some of the music native to the country featured! Just scan the QR code included in the box with your phone.

If you would like to sign up for TopMunch, you can do that here. PLUS get $5 off with code BITSANDBOXES!

*this box was sent complimentary for review purposes. affiliate links were used in this post.

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