Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Box of Style Spring 2017 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

When I look back and think about where I started when I first got into subscription boxes, I've come a long way. Back then I wanted samples and lots of them for as little as possible. Then I became inundated with a thousand tiny little bottles and tubes. After finding good skincare, getting overwhelmed with makeup and with snacks piling up, I realized that I just wanted things that I could actually use. I also wanted to feel like I was getting a good deal.
Box of Style is more expensive than your average beauty box, of course. The returns on that investment, at least for me, have been very, very good. I love getting these boxes. I love the focus on fashion and good skincare. I'm also appreciative of the quality. This subscription has quickly climbed to the top of my "favorites" list and it's position hasn't budged. Even when I may not like everything, there's no denying that the thoughtful curation and the value are there.

This box is curated by Rachel Zoe and her editors at For the Spring box, the focus was on women and female founded brands. I think the release coincided nicely with all the current happenings.

The Cost: $100/quarter, $350/annual

What You Get:  At least five products worth over $300 in fashion, beauty and lifestyle carefully curated by Rachel Zoe and her team.

Tribe Alive Custom Carryall- Tribe Alive has a commitment to alleviate poverty among women around the world. This single order by Box of Style employed 150 Indian artisans in three cities! It's handmade with two open and one zip pocket on the inside. It has both a shoulder strap and handles. I love the pattern and the leather plus it's got great dimensions. My problem is my own personal preference. I do not like shoulder straps that don't detach if the handbag also has handles. Use code BOXOFSTYLE for 20% off sitewide.
Value: $238
Adornmonde Ivo Earrings in Silver- These are fun and pretty. I'm glad they let you choose your metal, too. They got it right this time (not like last time -- they sent me the wrong beanie color and then wanted me to pay to ship the wrong one back before they'd send the one they should have sent me). You can wear these with just the bars or with the bar and the hoop. I like both looks but the hoops are the most fun. Use code RZLOVE20 for 20% off sitewide.
Value: $62

Symbology Scarf- I wish I knew what this was made of. I think it's rayon. It's block printed in India with gold peacock feathers and is an exclusive collaboration with Box of Style. I love the red and gold together and it would look great tied around the bag. It's a smallish square so I might have to be creative to wear it. Use code BOXOFSTYLE for 15% off sitewide.
Value: $50
Butter London "Piece of Cake" Nail Polish- Basically wedding perfect and the season is coming up quick. Layer over a white polish for the pink to pop. Otherwise its a sheer neutral that goes with everything. Get 25% off orders over $30 with code ZOE17.
Value: $18

Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder- This is a very popular cleansing powder and I know a LOT of girls who swear by it. The presentation the product is gorgeous. The jar itself is heavy and pearlescent and just looks beautiful sitting anywhere on any counter. This is the gentle version which is good for dry skin. Use code ZOEBOX17 for 15% off purchase of full sized Camellia Cleansing Oil.
Value: $65
BKR Glass Water Bottle- Did you know that more Americans bought bottled water than soda last year? I mean, good for drinking more water but all those plastic bottles have to go somewhere! Do what I do and use something reuseable! Personally, my favorite is still the Starbucks Venti To-Go cups but if you have a kerfuffle with plastic then glass is the way to go. This glass bottle is wrapped in silicone and has a handy lid. The only thing I don't like about it? While that opening might be great to drink from without sloshing down your front, it makes it difficult to clean. No one wants to carry a baby bottle brush around with them and that opening is TINY! I'm open to suggestions. Use code ZOE for 15% off orders of one or more bottles.
Value: $35
Stella Artois Chalice in Brazil- At first I was wondering what on earth Stella Artois had to do with Box of Style but then I realized it's all about their collaboration with The goal is that with each chalice sold $6 will go toward helping provide clean drinking water to rural and remote villages in developing countries. And that includes women since they're usually the ones bearing the brunt of getting water for the family. Hence the #buyaladyadrink hashtag. I think that's AWESOME! Having spent time in third world countries, I know this is a huge undertaking (in so many ways) and I'm glad awareness is being promoted. I did just notice that only those 21 and over got these glasses. There's a little asterix at the very bottom. Haha!

VERDICT: I love that subscribers get access to things other people will never have. Is that selfish? I always think it's cool when I get exclusive items. And I always hope I'll see someone else with one of them so I can run over and be like "OMG, I'm addicted to subscription boxes, too!!" So far it hasn't happened. Although I did see a guy with a Loot Crate shirt I recognized. I did not run over to him. That would have been weird. I like Box of Style for the beautiful jewelry it tends to have and the excellent skincare. Plus it's always nice to get a box worth so much more than it's actual price. That Tatcha is expensive!

If you would like to sign up for Box of Style, you can do that here. Use code SPRING10 for $10 off this box.

What do you think of Box of Style? Do you have a favorite luxe subscription?

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  1. I loved this box although I must admit I loved the last box more. This is one of the few subscriptions I'm keeping after drastically cutting down on boxes. I also have the same problem with the bag, it would have been better if the handle was detachable and the bottle - I guess I have to buy another bottle cleaner - the smaller sized head one, ugh!

    1. The Winter box was killer! I loved everything in it! I saw they sell the brushes on their website for $8 but there's a part of me that doesn't like being held hostage by their tiny bottle opening! :D

    2. Is there a shipping or CS problem at the BOS HQ?
      My box has been charged, earrings chosen, and I have no tracking number or anything yet. My order says " Completed".

      I cannot reach them by phone- get the please leave a message, but no one gets in touch, and when I email their CS, I am told there's a 5-7 day wait for an answer.

      Is anyone else reading this having the same problems with BOS this season?
      I am NOT a Gilt City coupon buyer, I buy my boxes through the BOS seasonal charges.

      Thanks for any help

    3. I'm currently an Annual subscriber and I've been subscribed since the very first box. They used to say they shipped Annuals first, then seasonal boxes but the FAQ now says they ship in order of oldest to newest. Shipping starts mid March but the billing happens mid-Feb which is probably why yours says completed. They don't post tracking in your account but you should get an email. CS is SLOW!! Suuuuper slow! My guess is that you're probably fine and your box will ship soon. Their website really is awful so I can see why you'd be concerned. Hopefully they'll get back to you and say it's already on it's way. :)

  2. Thank you, Sarah.
    I should be an annual subscriber-- but the COUPONS always bring the boxes down into more of my price range..!! :)

    They have worse CS than any other company, and that's saying a lot because all sub boxes started out with GREAT CS, and have ended up with way too many customers and too few employees. I cannot think of one single box I get which has even a semblance of actual CS now.
    Just get emails that say " We have received your message and will get back to you" but don't. I'm ready to give them all up and find another shopping hobby. LOL.

  3. I know this is not timely, but my box has shipped. ( And I am getting emails on 3 other email accounts to " buy the box". Ha.
    There was ONE line of text in my address that is correct but not " necessary".

    Apparently, Fed Ex is such a stickler that they declared the address invalid even though it's not at all. BOS couldn't bother to even email me about the snafu, so I finally left voice mail for them, and they did return the call.
    (Hint for anyone who needs to get in touch with BOS CS- leave VM).
    My box should be here Monday or Tuesday.. of course, it's kind of old news, but since I found a gorgeous pair of D'Orsay flats with the same type Aztec fabric print on the back ( heel part) with the same tan leather fronts, it should be fine. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement, Sarah. I would have given up if you hadn't encouraged me to reach out to them again. :)

    1. I'm glad you got a hold of them because that seems like a pretty glaring issue. You'll be so happy when it arrives, I know it! I also am getting the "buy the box" emails. Even on the one I bought the box with!