Monday, March 13, 2017

True Tea Club Subscription Box Review and 50% Off Coupon

I've been sick the last week and how lucky was I that True Tea Club arrived just when I needed it most!? True Tea Club is a UK based tea subscription that specializes in loose teas and blends. You'll find everything from white tea and herbal teas to oolong and rooibos. Each box has four teas for you to try along with tea bags and descriptions of each tea.

Since I'm a major tea lover (and I was sick) I started steeping right away! With names like Vanilla Cupcake, who wouldn't!?

There are four teas sent every month and the amount depends on your tea addiction levels. The Standard subscription sends enough for 4-5 cups of each tea if single steeped. More, obviously, if you double steep. The  Premium sends enough for 60 cups total and the Deluxe sends enough for 80 (that's 20 cups of each tea).

The Cost: £10/month for Standard, £15/month for Premium and £20/month for Deluxe. Shipping is free in the UK and £3.50 shipping Internationally.

What You Get: Four loose leaf teas and tea bags. Teas may be black, green or white teas along with Oolong, Rooibos, herbal infusions or specialist teas. You may also tailor your subscription to your personal preferences by email.

Vanilla Cupcake Rooibos Tea- I started with this and it's my favorite one by a squidge. It's made with rooibos, orange peel, banana chips, papaya strips, rose petals, natural flavoring and cornflower and marigold petals. It's delicious! I drank this happily.
Rainbow Chaser Herbal Blend- A concoction of apple pieces, blackberry leaves, peppermint, orange and lemon peel, safflower, freeze dried strawberry, cornflower and marigold petals and nettle leaves. Also fantabulous and almost my favorite. I love fruity herbals without hibiscus. There was more than is shown in the photo buuuut I had a few cups before I got around to the photo.
Mighty Mango Green Tea- I really like the combination of mango and green tea. This tea uses flavouring (ooo, note my English spelling?!) for the mango along with sunflower blossoms. Of course I wish there were actual mango pieces in there but I'm not picky. This tea made my mouth water while I was scooping it into the teabag.
Earl Grey Rebel- This Earl Grey smells so wonderful. I love that lemony tang mixed with the scent of black tea. This tea has black tea, assam leaf, lemon peel, orange peel, cornflower petals and natural flavoring. I always love the addition of cornflowers because I think it gives earl grey a nice creamy mouthfeel.

VERDICT: This was a collection of very enjoyable teas. I appreciated the variety and I loved that they weren't plain. While I love teas, I definitely prefer blends and I tend to add honey for sweetness to black teas. I didn't even need it (probably because it was already sweetened a little with the natural flavoring) with the Earl Grey. I like that. I drink tea constantly so I love it when I get a new flavor profile. I like that they include tea bags, too. I reused them several times. Very handy.

If you would like to try True Tea Club, you can sign up here. Get 50% off your first box with code LOVE. That's a great way to try some fun teas!

*this box was sent complimentary for review purposes. all opinions are mine.

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