Thursday, June 1, 2017

Things Are Finally Starting to Settle Down

It's been crazy around here. Our lives got turned totally upside down and while we don't have everything figured out yet, it's getting there. I had to put blogging aside for awhile to get things in order. While I missed blogging, I have to admit I had a great time gardening and re-organizing our home.

We had partially packed up the house in anticipation of my husband getting a job out of state but it didn't end up working out quite the way we expected. However, it still may happen so everything has to stay fixed and perfect.

Since I'd ignored my garden for the last two years while blogging, it needed A LOT of love and attention. Right now it's looking pretty good! So good that I'm having a hard time finding new thing to do besides weeding. That's a great thing since it means I can get back to writing up reviews.

So expect a slew of reviews! Some may be older and therefore fairly brief but at least I'll feel like I'm tying up loose ends.

On that note, here's some of my favorite garden photos:

One corner with salvia, hebe, peonies (not yet blooming) with my Paperbark Maple and my new Sharp's Pygmy maple in the brown bucket pot.
My heirloom peonies. If we move, I'm taking them with me. They were a gift from my MIL's friend who has been growing them for decades.
City Lights Iris. This was mistakenly sent to me from but it turns out it's even better that the one I was supposed to get.
The walkway up to our front door is enclosed by a brick wall. The pathway cuts right down the middle and I've extensively planted both sides. This is part of the right side, facing the front door, planted with sedum, dianthus, hosta and chives. In the far background is my Golden Bleeding Heart and in the front of the pot is a my Oxalis Adenophylla. It's not a true oxalis (spready, horrible clover), it's actually a bulb and the flowers are the most delicate delightful pink.
I couldn't resist this Clematis "Josephine" when I saw it at the store. I've had it three years and it FINALLY is blooming again. It was too shady in the other spot I had it. The inner puffball of petals slowly unfolds more and more each day. I love it!
This is the left side behind my brick-walled walkway but looking out to the street. That's my new stone birdbath that I adore. Plus heuchera, hosta, ferns, daylily and iris. This is mostly shaded and is the soggiest slop you've ever seen. I can't believe anything grows in it. It has basically no drainage. It's not easy to find plants that will take shade and sloppy mud all year.

So there you go! Time for me to buckle down and pump out some reviews while keeping the garden in order, the house clean and tidying up my stash. :) If I'm organized enough, I'm hoping to have at least one giveaway.

Thanks for reading!



  1. What a beautiful garden! I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming reviews :)

  2. Ohh I'm so glad I've missed you reviews! And I love your garden. I wish I could keep plants alive, but I'm just terrible at it.