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What's In A GlobeIn Artisan Subscription Box?! Here's the Answer!

If you're interested in knowing what you might find each month in your GlobeIn Artisan box, you came to the right place. I have gathered together the contents of the last few months of GlobeIn's boxes and can give you a great idea of what to expect when you subscribe! GlobeIn has really been doing a fantastic job with their box curation these last few months. There have been some stellar boxes and they just keep coming. The hard part will be choosing which one you're going to get!

With GlobeIn, along with your subscription box, you get the added satisfaction of knowing you're helping men and women in remote areas of the world earn a living wage. With every order that GlobeIn makes via vetted partners and fair trade organizations, real families are able to put food on the table, send their children to school and make a difference in their communites. It's one of the best things about this box!

The other good thing is that the products tend to be unique, usually handmade and possess a character all their own.

In this review I'm going to show you several past and present GlobeIn boxes. This should help you decide in one swoop whether you think this subscription is for you. In my own personal experience, I think it takes about three months to get an idea of whether a subscription box really works for me or not.
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The Cost: $55/month for the Artisan Box

What You Get: In the Artisan Box, you'll find exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans curated around a monthly theme.

Artisan Box options are available for all active subscribers in their subscription settings during the 1st- 5th of each month. Subscribers will be able to choose their favorite box from that particular month's options.

The GlobeIn "Refresh" Box June 2017

Kikoi Blanket- Kikoi means "wrap" in Swahili. This wrap was made in Kenya by women employed by Wildlife Works, an eco-factory dedicated to providing people in wildlife-rich areas with sustainable economic alternatives to poaching and deforestation.

Sun Hat- Made in Oaxaca, Mexico by Abundia. According to GlobeIn, some weavers are timid to ask a fair price for their sun hats. GlobeIn pays double what Abundia usually makes for her hats, encouraging her to see the value in her work and demand a fair price. I think that's amazing!

Moroccan Tea Glass- This glass is handblown in Morocco from recycled glass, then hand-painted. The Casablanca Market sources it's goods primarily from female artisan enterprises in Morocco and Tunisia, acknowledging and encouraging the power women have in communities.

Numi Moroccan Mint Tea- Numi founders have made fair trade purchases in North Africa for their tea products and have also built schools, hospitals and day care centers to ensure their commitment to investing in farmers and meaningful cultural exchange.

This box is MADE by that hat! It's perfect for gardening. I know this because I've already tested it out. My husband says I look cute in it but he's biased so take that with a grain of salt. It's pretty cute, though, I have to say. And effective for keeping the sun off my face and shoulders. I adore it! The tea is delicious, of course. The Kikoi blanket is SO soft. It's the perfect thickness for summer nights. You could even use it as a tablecloth, though it's almost too pretty for that. I love the tassels. The glass is something I'd use more for a candle/tealight than for actual drinking. It needs to be handwashed so I'd rather use it as a display for flowers or something like that.
The GlobeIn "Al Fresco" Box June 2017

Serape- This is a thick blanket of 100% cotton woven in Mexico. Hammock Boutique is a collective that sources raw weaving materials and delivers them free of charge to homes of their artisan members. This means mothers can work at home and keep an eye on their children while allowing them to contribute meaningfully to the success of the family.

Enamel Plate- A fair trade company, Noah's Ark, invests it's profits in their artisan communites, running three schools, providing 700 families with health care and access to clean water. This plate is enamel coated steel then handpainted. Not for microwaves.

Utensil Holder- Transport your utensils safely in this closely woven palm leaf pocket. With each order for baskets, GlobeIn supports families by providing incomes that allow them to procure food and shelter for themselves and their loved ones.

Plantain Chips- Addictive snacks made from plantains in Colombia. These are delicious!

I completely fell in love with the serape and I wasn't expecting to. It's soft, nubbly cotton and is a size that wraps around me once pretty easily. It's also a great lap blanket. For some reason the dogs really like this, too, but it's mine! I thought it was fun to see a true utensil basket even though I've been using the wine baskets for that sort of thing.
The GlobeIn "Lunch" Box from May

Tri Bento Lunchbox- A lunchtime storage stack made of non-toxic stainless steel. Durable and dishwasher safe and keeps non-biodegradable plastic being tossed into landfills. Made in India.

Upcycled Lunch Bag- Made in Kenya, in the Wildlife Works eco-factory from repurposed polyester cement bags. Sturdy, long-lasting and reusable.

Cloth Napkin- Made by hand in India using ancient techniques. The desert sun sets the dye on the fabrics. Machine washable.

Spork- Made in Sweden by Light My Fire, a sustainably minded company with it's roots in Central America. BPA-free, dishwasher safe and a handy, reuseable replacement for those disposable plastic forks.

Ack, this blurry photo! I have always loved getting anything upcycled from GlobeIn. That means picnic blankets, laundry bags and now lunch sacks. They hold up to just about anything you can throw at them and just last forever. The napkin is almost too pretty to use and it may sound strange but I kind of want to iron it and frame it. It's such a pretty blue.
The GlobeIn "Epicure" Box From May

Stemless Wine Glasses- Colorful handblown glasses by Cristaluc in Tonala, Mexico. Heavy duty!

Neem Wood Cheeseboard- Made in West Bengal, India by a family of woodcarvers able to employ 50% more workers based solely on GlobeIn orders! So smooth and small enough to pack anywhere.

Mouse Cheese Knife- Thanks to fair-trade collective, Noah's Ark, which provides hundreds of artisans and their families with education, healthcare, clean water and work, GlobeIn was able to acquire these fun knives for their boxes.

Mini Handwoven Basket- A sturdy, multi-use basket made in Mexico by master weavers.

The wine glasses are sturdy and thick so they'll hold up to being abused. The cheese board is a little small but maybe we just serve too many kinds of cheese at once? We love cheese around here so the mouse cheese knife is going to be used quite often. We brought back a ton of gouda cheese when we were in the Netherlands so we've been serving it regularly.

The GlobeIn "Sustain" Box from April
Air Plant- Air plants have become very popular lately. These ones are from Urban Green Maker's in Japan. After the founder lost his house in the tsunami, he decided to "go green" and in partnership with environmental organizations, uses his profits to provide tools, trees and environmental awareness teachings.

Kaisa Basket Bowl- Made in Bangledesh by workers at fair trade organization Dhaka Handicrafts. It's made from a wild grass that grows along river banks. This is the toughest bowl I've ever seen!

Upcycled Bell- Hammered out from tin and iron recycled in India, it's made in the desert Kutch region. This is a mini version of the bell area farmers use on their livestock. These bells get the most beautiful patina over the years when out in the elements.

Recycled Glass Tumbler- Hebron Glass in the Palestinian Territories uses recycled glass, melting it down to make new creations using centuries old traditions. Beautiful! (Candles don't really work inside, though, because of the lump created when it's knocked off the rod.)

This basket is absolutely amazing. It's so strong! It's hard to believe it was woven by hand. I'm just sad I only have one because I have a thousand uses to put it to. Right now it's holding my garden gloves and nippers. I'd love to get another one and use it as a planter for succulents. The bell is hanging outside in my paperbark maple tree right now. I just love that weathered look and it sounds wonderful.
The GlobeIn "Eco-To-Go" April Box

KeepCup To-Go Mug- While this is made in Australia, the goals of KeepCup align with those of GlobeIn. Making products for sustainable living and using resources responsibly. This is one of my favorite cups ever! I use mine all the time.

Alaffia Fair Trade Coconut Lip Balm- This lip balm is amazing! It's made by women employed by Alaffia, a fair trade company which also promotes women's health and gender equality in Togo.

Prana Market Tote- A roomy tote made with organic cotton and produced under fair trade standards. This product is made by an Indian company that has safe working conditions, pays living wages and makes sure women are treated equally.

Metallic Block Print Coin Purse- The community of Barmer, India is home to artisans practicing the block printing art form. Remarkably, in order to be more sustainable, they had a water recycling plant installed that allowed 5 million litres of water to be saved each year. This was necessary to keep workers employed since the block printing process requires a LOT of water.

That bag is fantastic! It has a bottom which is something I prefer in my reusable totes. I like for them to stand up. I need to see if they sell the lip balm in their shop because it's my favorite texture. KeepCup will always be a hit in any box it's in and the metallic pouch matches perfectly with one of my go-to summer handbags.

There you have it!

So now you have an idea of the wide variety of products you can find in GlobeIn's subscription boxes! Accompanying each box will be an informational booklet with personal stories of those impacted by GlobeIn business and how lives have been affected for the better by fair trade collectives and their partners. I freely admit they sometimes get me misty eyed.

If you would like to sign up for GlobeIn, you can do that here. Use code WELCOME if you purchase a 3 month or longer subscription in order to receive $10 off your order. Once you sign up, you'll be able to make your box choice. If you have any questions regarding available boxes, not only is their customer service top notch but they are also very nice people. :)

*These boxes were provided complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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