About Me

Me with my favorite pink/purple ombre hair!
Hi, I'm Sarah!

I live in rainy Seattle with my husband and two rat terriers. I love to garden and do crafty things like make my own soap, practice my candle-making and try really hard to sew something that I don't have to pick all the stitches out of more than once. I also secretly like to play computer games, especially RPG's.

I like socks. My favorite household chore is vacuuming. Lip gloss makes me happy.

I'm a little surprised I haven't decided to blog before even if just for my own edification. I love to write and getting my thoughts down on paper (err... screen?) has always helped me stay organized. I've become slightly addicted to presents in the mail.  Subscription boxes might be the next best thing to Christmas. Who doesn't love getting a package on your porch or going to the mailbox and finding it completely stuffed with bags and boxes?! I sure do.

This all started for me when I randomly found a website that deals totally with subscription boxes. There's a lot of them out there once I started looking and that's when I decided I needed to get a box.  Or two or three. That very night I signed up for five different subscription boxes. From there it was all downhill into pure package goodness!
I've discovered wonderful products, found great people and made serious friends with my new mailman.

There are so many kinds of boxes. There are boxes for every budget, every preference and every kind of person!  From a $10 Birchbox or Ipsy to a $100 Quarterly.co Nina Garcia curated box or Popsugar Must Have Limited Edition and everything in between, there is a box for YOU! Oh, there's also a box for your dog, too.

I'm just here to enjoy my boxes and share what I've discovered with you.

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